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Nexcom PEAK-602AD CPU Board. Pentium 3 | Socket 370 | Half Size Single Board Computer (SBC) with VGA,LAN and EBK SCSI 160D. Simple Type: CPU Board

The PEAK 602VL Series featured the high performance Intel Celeron / Pentium III CPU and 815E chipset, is a power packed Half-sized Single Board Computer. The PEAK 602VL Series provides 100/133 MHz FSB support for Pentium III processors up to 1GHz. The Intel 815E chipset is equipped with internal graphics, LAN, and support for 2 USB ports, Ultra DMA66/100 IDE interface.

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  • EBK 160SL : Support one Channel Ultra 160 SCSI and one Intel 82559 LAN
  • EBK SCSI 160D: Support dual Channel Ultra 160
  • EBK SCSI 2: Support Ultra 2 SCSI
  • Hardware Monitor for system Voltage, Temperature and FAN speed.
  • Intel Pentium III FC-PGA support, 100/ 133 MHz FSB, up to 1+ GHz CPU clock.
  • NEXCOM proprietary PCI connector for various upgrade modules like:
  • On Chip 1 USB controllers double the bandwidth to 24Mbps across 2 ports
  • On chip 2X AGP VGA with Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology
  • On Chip enhanced IDE x 1, support Ultra DMA/66/100
  • On chip Ethernet 10/ 100 Mbps, all Intel solutions. Upgradeable to Dual LAN.
  • PC133 SDRAM support up to 256 MB max.
  • Reserved Power header beside IDE connector to support DOM ( DiskOnModule )


  • ACPI Function: Soft Power off, Wake On LAN, Wake On Keyboard, Wake On Ring, RTC alarm wake up
  • BIOS: Award System BIOS. Plug & Play support. Advanced Power Management support. Advanced Configuration & Power Interface support. Jumper less for CPU FSB. 4M bits flash ROM
  • Bracket Connector: PS/2 connector ×1 (for Keyboard/Mouse) RJ45 connector ×1 (for LAN) 15 pin D-type connector ×1 (for VGA) COM Port x 1 (for Serial Port)
  • Certification: CE Class A FCC Class A
  • Chip Set: Intel 815E chipsets. 82815 × 1 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
  • CPU Support: Intel Brand New Socket 370 FC-PGA Celeron / Pentium III CPU with 128/256K cache on die, Processor Max. speed up to 1GHZ+ by running at 66/100/133MHz FSB. Support streaming SIMD instruction
  • Dimensions: 185 x 122 mm
  • DOM ( Disk On Module ) Support: Power header beside IDE connector to support DOM
  • Environments: Operating temperatures:0°C to 60°C Storage temperatures:-20°C to 80°C Relative humidity:10% to 90% (Non-condensing)
  • ISAMAX Support: Maximize ISA signals to support ISA cards up to 20
  • Main Memory: Support SDRAM up to 256MB (Max.). 168 pin DIMM socket ×1. Support 100/133MHz SDRAM interface
  • Model Available: PEAK 602VL -- Half-size Socket 370 Celeron/Pentium III CPU card w/VGA/LAN
  • On Board I/O: Winbond 83627 HF Enhanced Super I/O on board. SIO×2, with 2x16C550 UARTs, 10 pin header ×1, 9 pin COM Port x1 PIO×1, bi-directional, EPP/ECP support, 26 pin connector ×1 Floppy Disk controller:34 pin connector ×1 On chip enhanced IDE x 1Ultra DMA/66/100 support, 40 pin connector × 1 On chip Keyboard, mouse controller, 5 pin connector x 1(for other keyboard); 6 pin mini DIN connector ×1, for PS/2 keyboard/mouse
  • On Board LAN: Signal Channel Ethernet support. Intel 82801 (ICH2) chipset integrated LAN controller. Intel 82562EM (PLC) Platform LAN Connect
  • On Board Nexcom proprietary PCI interface: Reserved 32bit PCI interface for EBK SCSI 2 / EBK SCSI 160D / EBK 160SL module
  • On Board VGA: Intel 82815 (GMCH) chipset integrated with Graphics controller. Hardware motion compensation assist for software MPEG/DVD decode 15 pin CRT connector ×1
  • Power Requirements: +5V @10A +12V @ 1A +5VSB @ 1A
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III
  • System Architecture: Half size SBC with ISA Golden finger. Intel Socket 370 Celeron/Pentium III with 66/100/133MHz FSB
  • System Monitor: Derived from Super IO Winbond 83627 to support system monitor. 7 voltage (For +3.3V, +5V, -5V , +12V, -12V, Vcore and Vtt) One Fan speed (For CPU), Two temperature, Drivers support:Windows 95/98, Windows NT4.0/2000
  • Watchdog Timer: 1,2,4…64 seconds time-out intervals



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